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One more day


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Yet another day in the life


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What a wonderful day


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Next day in the life of …


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Another day in the life of …


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A Day in the Life …

Hier sind die bisherigen Geschichten, ergänzt um die von Murant.
Rrrar und andere

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Als „Teaser“ mal die erste Seite von „Day in the Life of …“

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Hinweise II

Seek the heart of the four moons to shatter the walls of my prison!

Main Gate

  • All guards and other personnel wear the black iron triangle of the Elder Elemental Eye. Their clothing is predominantly black as well.
  • Mereclar’s chest contains a letter discussing recruiting some of the local orcs as guards and mentioning that the clerics in the Outer Fane are busy searching for the „Champion of Elemental Evil“. It is signed by someone named Naquent.
  • A rolled-up piece of paper on Terrenygit’s table says, that the High Priest of the Outer Fane has concerns, that Terrenygit may wish to ally with others of his people in the Earth Temple. It request, that Terrenygit maintains his vigilance and helps to secure the gate against outsiders, who would violate their retreat.
  • The captured guard knows ...
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